How do I flash the firmware of my XM1 RGB? How do I flash the firmware of my XM1 RGB?

How do I flash the firmware of my XM1 RGB?

Either use the "XM1 RGB Configuration Software" and press the "Update" button in the "Update" tab next to "current firmware version" or download a stand-alone firmware from the Downloads page and follow the instructions:

  1. extract the folder contained in the .zip file
  2. connect only one XM1 RGB to the PC in case you have more than one
  3. run the .exe from the extracted folder as administrator (right click on in Windows Explorer -> "run as administrator")
  4. if a blue window appears, select "more info" and "run anyway"
  5. click on the "Update Firmware" button
  6. wait until done
  7. In case the flashing process fails with the XM1 RGB being unresponsive and both LEDs blinking Red, hit the "Update Firmware" button once again using the keyboard or a second mouse, that is not an XM1 RGB (otherwise it will more or less randomly flash one of them, but not necessarily the one you wanted to flash). In even rarer cases, un-plugging and re-plugging the XM1 RGB from the USB port is needed to run the flashing process again after it failed.

Note: BETA firmwares usually contain more bug fixes or performance enhancements than the latest version that is included in the software. On some systems, there can potentially be minor bugs with latest BETA firmwares, so they won't be included into the software until they are validated. In the case you have any trouble after flashing to the latest BETA firmware, you can always flash back to the previous official firmware using the "XM1 RGB Configuration Software"