General information: Coating General information: Coating

General information: Coating

The distinctive coating applied to our range of mice has gained quite a reputation for its excellent grip quality. Whether your hands tend to be dry or sweaty, this coating ensures a firm and steady hold throughout your gaming sessions. While all versions guarantee superior grip, they each offer a unique tactile experience: - Black / White: These variants provide a chalky sensation, reminiscent of a smooth, dry stone – perfect for those who prefer a more natural, earthy feel. - Dark / White Frost: This variant comes with a rubbery feel, emulating the grip and comfort of soft-touch materials. It's great for users who seek a snug, cushion-like touch. - Dark Reflex: This version offers a glossy, shiny finish, akin to polished stone or glass. It's an ideal choice for gamers who enjoy a slick, sleek touch under their fingertips. Additionally, the white version features an extra layer of protective coating. This added layer is specifically designed to maintain the pristine white appearance of the mouse over time, preventing it from turning yellow due to prolonged use or exposure to various environmental factors. It's important to note, however, that not all coatings are available on every model of our mice as of now. But we're continuously working towards expanding these options across our entire product range to offer you more choices that cater to your gaming needs and personal preferences. Last but not least, our coatings are designed to enhance your performance. Please note that being a performance coating, fingerprints may become visible, and a slight "patina" effect may develop over time or with heavy usage, which is normal.