General information: CPI General information: CPI

General information: CPI

Our mouse models come pre-programmed with default Counts Per Inch (CPI), commonly referred to as Dots Per Inch (DPI) levels, which are color-coded as follows: - 400 CPI: Blue - 800 CPI: Green - 1600 CPI: Yellow - 3200 CPI: Red These CPI settings offer a range of sensitivity options, allowing you to choose the one best suited to your particular gaming style or task requirements. For a more personalized experience, you have the option to set up custom CPI (DPI) values and button mappings. This customization can be achieved through our Configuration Software, which can be downloaded in the Downloads section. Adjusting between the different CPI (DPI) values is as simple as pressing the CPI/mode button located at the base of the mouse. This feature allows you to conveniently modify the sensitivity of your mouse on the fly, catering to your immediate needs in various gaming or working scenarios.