General information: Lift-off Distance General information: Lift-off Distance

General information: Lift-off Distance

'Lift-Off Distance' (LoD) is a parameter that significantly affects mouse performance, and if set too low, it may lead to mouse stutters. In simple terms, the lift-off distance defines the height at which the mouse sensor stops tracking movement. For example, it could be set at 1, 2, or 3 mm. When you lift your mouse to reposition it—such as when sniping in a game—you wouldn't want the crosshair to continue moving. The same principle applies when you place the mouse back down; you wouldn't want the sensor to reactivate prematurely. The LoD setting manages these actions. Certain mousepads, especially those made of cloth, possess a somewhat rough texture. This surface can interfere with the LoD setting, causing the mouse sensor to repeatedly switch off and on. This rapid toggling can manifest as mouse stutters. If you observe this kind of behavior, you can address the issue by adjusting the LoD setting in your mouse's software to the highest value. These adjustments should help mitigate the stuttering and ensure smooth mouse operations.