General information: Skates General information: Skates

General information: Skates

We offer different variations of skates for our mice, with some models being backwards compatible and others having specific, multiple options. It is crucial to ensure you buy the correct skate for the correct mouse model. Key differences to consider: - 100% PTFE vs. 99.5% PTFE: Generally, 100% PTFE skates are a bit faster, but they may have a looser glue layer. That's why these skates are not pre-applied at the factory, to prevent you from receiving damaged skates out of the box. - Improvement over time: The newer the release, the more we have improved our skates. Older skates may feel scratchy initially but typically smooth out after 1-2 weeks of regular use. Our latest skates have more rounded edges, and we continue to make enhancements. - WE series: These do not include additional skates in the box, while other models generally do. - OP1 and XM2 line-ups: These can accommodate two different sizes of skates — smaller and larger. The choice between them is up to your preference; smaller skates tend to feel faster but may sink more easily into soft cloth pads. - XM1r model: This model can use both XM1 RGB and OG XM1 skates, depending on your preference. - XM1 RGB and XM1: These require their specific skates and are not interchangeable. It is important to select skates that match your model to avoid any mismatch. Please be aware that Endgame Gear mouse pads have been tested exclusively with PTFE feet. Using other types of skates may potentially damage our pads. If you're unsure about how to change and apply skates, consider watching this - older, but still relevant - instructional guide!