General information: Slamclick General information: Slamclick

General information: Slamclick

The term "slamclick" refers to an accidental mouse click that occurs when you lift the mouse and put it down forcefully enough to "slam" the mouse onto your pad. This can inadvertently actuate a mouse click. To address this, we've introduced the "slamclick fix" feature on most of our mice, which, when enabled, prevents such unintended clicks. For the OP1 8k you can enable this feature in the configuration software To enable or disable the slamclick fix on the XM1r / OP1 / OP1 RGB, press Mouse Button 1 and the CPI button simultaneously. Three LED flashes indicate that the feature is disabled, while six flashes mean it's enabled. Please note that the XM2we and OP1we models operates differently. The button combination used on the XM1r doesn't apply to the XM2we nor OP1we. Instead, the XM2we and OP1we employ a traditional debounce slider. At the default setting of 3 milliseconds, you shouldn't experience any slamclicks. However, you're free to experiment with lower values to optimize your gaming experience.